Game does not load beyond the loading screen.

Please help with my IF


Hello! Please provide more detail in your support request. Thanks :)

From my assumptions of your screenshot, is your app not loading?


Such as:
What is going on/ what the issue is

My game can’t get past the loading screen.

It is not. Help please

Have you tried deleting the app and then reinstalling it? You will not need to pay for it again. Also, just to make sure your device can support global, what kind of device do you have?

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Are you sure please?

An iPad four. Should I still reinstall it?

iPad 4 isn’t a supported device. From where did you download Infinite Flight?


Sorry that was an error. I mean an ipad air 2

Great! That means it can support it :) Yes, I would recommend for you to reinstall the app and see if that solves the issue… Also, make sure you have updated IF to it’s latest version.

@Temidayo_Ekundayo Next time, please give some info in your request and in your topic. Example: Instead of “Help Please” say “Loading screen Issue” try to restart your device then if that doesn’t work check iOS system updates if that doesn’t work. Delete and reinstall. If you have further problems, contact a mod.

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Eigo o gūguru ni hon’yaku suru


Is it jailbroken? That could affect performance

If I may say delete your IFsim then download it again.

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