Game credits!


I am writing to inquire about credits.
I’ve done everything possible as far making sure my system is good to not affect my flights and yet still the games crashes right after I land. Prior to this none of my landings even got counted to my grade.
I would very much like to be credited for every one of my landings, or just given my money back for my subscription.

Trust I know y’all are working hard to get us a good product, at the same time it’s unfair that this is a constant issue for me.
Please let me know how I can fix this.

Thank you🙂🙏🏾

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What device do you use and what graphics settings do you use?

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You probably ain’t getting your money back

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lol very true.

I also experienced lots of game crashes on my old iPad but have found a few solutions which worked pretty well.

Lowering your graphics settings can significantly reduce the number of game crashes. You should also try to restart your game and clean your scenery cache before each flight. Reducing the number of apps running in the background of your device can also help.

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I’ve tried that. It still crashes.
My iOS has been updated.
My iPad has been updated.
I’ve don’t the scenery stuff. Cleared everything and nothing works.

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