Game Crashing

My game keeps crashing 30-40 minutes into the game, whether it’s flying or controlling in multiplayer. I can see a trend, it always crashes in that time frame. It happened more than 6 times within two days. I’m sure it’s not a WiFi problem because I can still fly without WiFi and comeback to multiplayer after reconnected, but these times they just crashes and whenever I re-open, status were lost.

Device: iPad Pro (11-inch)
Operating system: iPadOS 17.0.3

Are you flying near a large airport like KORD, KDFW, or KDTW? What is your FPS set to?

Yes. I was departing KORD and controlling KDTW, crashed 30-40 minutes into game. My FPS is 30.

There is a hotfix coming soon that should hopefully fix some of these crashes.

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