Game Crashing

Device: iPhone 14
Operating system: ios 16.3.1

Game keeps crashing before startup like after pressing a button in the main menu area. Game also crashes right once I load in and I’ve seen other fliers say their game has been crashing a lot as well. It’s pretty annoying just hope it gets fixed soon.


well every update if drops does come with bugs…

That’s true when a new update pops up sometimes my flight will stop and go to the home menu if this is happening constantly you might want to take a screen video and send it to the developers

May want to change the title.

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Oh yes lol this was in my drafts for something else and I charged it and forgot about that😭 thanks tho lol

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Been happening to me too (iPad Air 5), it is quite annoying but it seems that every update comes with something or another. Luckily, this one doesn’t seem to affect actual gameplay once you successfully spawn in as my recent track record of game crashes while flying is almost entirely flawless - I’d rather have this than actual performance issues.

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