Game crashing

I have a question for everyone. Who has experience game crashes since this update? I was just on final info KEWR. And then boom my game crashed. I checked that my Siri is working and it was. I cleared my cache. So if anyone else has any issues please let me know that I am not the only one.


I’ve had no crashes in flight since, the update, just some on the loading screen, but that happens to me normally. I have noticed that the game has had large lag spikes tho


I have these issues too. Your best bet is to look through #support and find a topic that covers your device specifications. There will be tips and tricks as to how best to avoid these crashes until Infinite Flight can find and develop a fix.

My issue with Game Crashes has always been with loading aircraft. If you are flying into a busy airport, try reducing the Airplane Count.

Also, you should probably change this post to #support

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Thx guys!!

Any @mods can you switch this over to support pls and thx

i have this problem on iPhone XR

Thank you @AviatorAlex and long time no talk

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