Game Crashing

Hi guys, Sometimes when im on final of runway with atc my game crash, only when îs ATC


Could you please provide more info such as:

OS (Software Version)
Storage Remaining
Infinite Flight Graphics Settings

I had the same issue. In my opinion the only way is to change your device. Recent versions of IF take lots of duties from your device’s CPU and weak devices can’t bear these amount of duties and therefore crashes happen.
I used to play IF with an iPad 6th generation and encountered lots of crashes but since I have bought an iPad Air (5th Generation), my problems (Crashing, Freezing and …) solved completely.

You don’t even know what device the OP has…why would you suggest that they replace it…? They could be on the latest iPad Pro for all we know :)

Yes I don’t know her/him device type but I know something well. Old devices can’t process and work in busy airports.
By the way, I just wanted to share my experience.

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