Game Crashing

Flight after flight. I takeoff yet don’t land. The game almost always crashes on final. Maybe instead of adding new aircrafts, IF should focus on the integrity of the game and it’s performance.

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Hey, thanks for the advice, I think Infinite Flight is in the midst of improving that by switching to a new game engine or something like that (dont take my word on that). Also you can try turning your graphics down to a minimum while flying

Can you try this instruction from schyllberg.



Please can you provide some additional information such as device, graphics settings, remaining amount of device storage, etc…

All the them are all the way down bro. And it’s annoying because even while doing that, the game still crashes. Not to mention… the horrible graphics while having the settings all in low.

20 GBs of storage left . iPhone 8 running on the latest version of IOS.

Maybe you can try turning your brightness all the way down, having Infinite Flight being the only app running at the time, etc. You may even have to stop flying long hauls

I keep the game always in night time and the brightness all the way down. And what do you mean that I should stop flying Long hauls bro? That’s why I pay a membership. So That I can have a game that runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Sorry to hear about this. Fortunately, aircraft development have absolutely no impact on performance improvements. So we won’t be needing to stop that just because of performance issues :)

I can read that you’re running on low but still having crashes. Quick follow-up on that - how often do you restart your device?

Pal, I think you misunderstood what I said. Instead of spending time working on new things, maybe spend more time improving on what needs improvement. And I restart my device everyday.

Im sorry to hear that, although thats just my suggestion, you dont have to take it, just trying to help. Also I dont think we give Infinite Flight enough credit for the work that they do, there certainly not a huge, well known flight sim such as MSFS or X-Plane, so updating every month is rather impressive, those updates also almost always include bug fixes to help improve the game for us.

No misunderstanding. But if you meant something else but wrote aircraft’s, fine by me :)

Anyhow, the problem here is most likely that your flights are longer than a 5 year old model can handle at this point. That’s the downside of adding new features like clouds, buildings etc. Besides graphics settings, lowering “Aircraft count” and “3D object density” can do wonders as well. Especially since you seem to be experiencing these issues on the final parts of your flights.

Additionally, before any flight that exceeds 4hrs - restart. This is great way to make sure your device have as much system resources available.

Infinite Flight is heavy on resource usage and we’ve done a lot of optimizations over the years and will always continue to do so, but there are limitations I’m afraid.


Alright thanks!

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Back in 19.4 when the game would crash almost every flight specifically on iOS I would

Restart my phone before every flight
Long flights try to go over water more
During cruise look up towards the sky on the external camera
After landing taxi to the gate as quickly as possible, and with that the game would crash 10-15 percent of the time compared to without doing it like 70% if the time if the flight was longer than 2 hours so yeah