Game Crashing

So after the last update they said the crashing Issue was fixed and it was better but I’m game is still constantly crashing and I have an iPhone 12 I play on its literally getting annoying with how many times it crashes I was doing a flight a while ago and my dad FaceTimed me and usually when he does I have to answer and come back to the game I might disconnect from the server but than I’m back in the server after it loads but this time when I leave for half a second and come back the game freezes than crashes now you might say don’t leave the app but I really can’t not do it I don’t have another device to play it on and I play using my main phone and when I get an important call it takes me off of infinite flight and I come back quickly with no crashing issues I’ve done this so much since I first played the game and never had crashing issues until now and it’s making the game unplayable which if it’s going to keep doing this I’m going to delete the app and end my subscription until the problem is fixed and if it isn’t I’m not coming back.

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This is an issue that we don’t control I’m afraid.
If you put the app in the background, iOS might stop the app and kill it to free up resources.

Best option you have here is to restart your device more often. That should improve things quite a lot.

Okay than you for the help!

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