Game Crashing

Hello, recently my game has been crashing quite some times. It’s not very common but it can get annoying because it always happens when the flight is about to end. I was just about 10 nautical miles from Moscow as approach instructed me to switch to tower frequency after being cleared for ILS approach runway 24C and as soon as I did that, it crashed. I have never experienced this when I’m flying on my android device (Samsung Note 8).

Here are some other parts of where my game has crashed:

  • Short final
  • Switching from Tower to Approach frequency
  • Taxiing to parking


I’m not really sure as to why it is happening and I get that a lot of threads of the similar topic has been posted but it would really help if some knows on how to resolve it.

Device: Apple iPhone 7 128gb


Sorry to hear.

We have an ongoing issue which is most likely the cause of this. You can read more about it here, under “Trending”:


A tip:

Soft restart your device every time before you fly. This ensures your device is running at peak performance.