Game Crashing

Hey Guys, i was just flying from KSFO to PHNL, when my game crashed. I am highly annoyed by this, as i was trying to get to Grade 3, but my game keeps on crashing. I checked my logs and it shows no flights were recorded at the time.


iPhone 6 (running on newest iOS)
64 GB of space.
On newest Update of IF
Not running any other apps, IF is my only app

Try clearing your scenery cache in settings. Go to Settings -> General -> Clear Scenery Cache -> Clear Cache-> Yes

Hi there.

Which graphics settings are you using?

I did that 3 Times. Still nothing.

Hi, game crashes are usually pretty easy to resolve given that you find the cause first. Here are a list of things you should try:

  • Keep as much unused internal device memory available. 1GB is the recommended amount.
  • Always close other apps before opening Infinite Flight.
  • Keep your device fresh by completely restarting device power occasionally.
  • Disable active add or message blocking apps.
  • Don’t install unapproved apps.
  • Don’t modify, “Root”, or “Jailbreak” your device.
  • Don’t install IAP unlocking apps like Freedom or LuckyPatcher. They won’t work and can cause problems that aren’t supported.
  • Use a strong WiFi network within a relatively close proximity to your device.
  • Unplug your modem and WiFi router for about 30 seconds, then plug them back in if online “lag” occurs.
  • Disable Anti-Aliasing
  • Lower “Show aircraft count live” setting.
  • Lower Aircraft or Water graphics setting.

Let me know if you have any luck with these.

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I would recommend reinstalling infinite flight.

Clearing the scenery cache doesn’t help for issues like these BTW

None of these helped.

I’ll try that again :/

Dont mind that. Many of those points are targeted to Android users.


Before the app shuts down, do you receive any warning messages on the screen? And do you exit the app briefly or make/answer calls in that time-span? And does the game lag before quiting?

When I used to run IF on my 6 plus 64gb a few years ago I had the same issue and it always said device memory low. I just had to turn the graphics way down. Back when I got my iPhone 8 it worked fine and it also works great with my XR. As much as you may not want to, turn the graphics down and it should fix your issue.

Does your phone get hot when the game crashes

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Yes, it does.

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Ok so usually means that the phone is working hard. This can happen when the settings are too high. Back when I had the same problem on my 6 I would also clear the RAM. To do this close out all apps, hold the power button until you get the the power off menu. Then hold the home button until you return to your home screen. It is not recommended to do this often because it will damage your battery over time. Personally I did it in my phone and as long as you don’t do it too much you’ll be fine.

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Mine also crashed yesterday what I did was restarting my tablet you should try 👍🏽

@schyllberg My XP wasn’t given when i crashed. How can i recover this?

Just wondering what were your graphics settings before

they were on high

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Your xp is added after every couple of minutes during your flight i believe. So you would have been rewarded all the xp up until your game crashed.