Game crashing..!

Last night me and my other friends were flying from narita to bahamas after 9 -10 hours suddenly the game crashed with no reason at all

Notice: its not the first time the game crashes this week please fix it as soon as possible

Thank you


Make sure device lock is turned off

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Check out and try the first drop down in this thread. The drop down addresses this exact issue you are experiencing.



Could you give us more information such as:

  • Device

  • Operating System

  • Infinite Flight version


I. Will try this one

Ipad Pro 12.9 2018
Device version:12.3.1
Infinite fligT version ;19.1.7

Thaank you i will check them

If it happen very regularly you should reinstall IF and maybe see if you have any other dodgy apps running in the background. If everyone having same problem at same time then you can think something wrong with IF, not the case right now. Im running 12.9 pro without a prob at the moment. If it happens once in blue moon it expected from any apps, including like of google chrome. Most times apps gets shuts down due to bad memory reading/writing.

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Will, we are using “infinite passenger app” and its should be running in the background but i guess its not the problem because i’m using it long time ago.

I haven’t used it recently. Try flights without running the apps to see if that cause problem. Make sure to update all apps.

All apps are recently updates also the device is latest update

I will try to fly with out any other app to see what causes this problem

Thank You❤️

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Hey mate

Yeah it was crashing last night and at the moment I’m having issues it accepting that I have landed to complete a flight. I’ve contacted support on their side

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