Game crashing

Why ( IF version 16.02.3) can’t run on Android 4.4 kit kat ? Please fix help me!

The game or plane crashed?

Try the following:

  • Check your phone has enough free storage - does the SD card (if you have one) or internal storage need to cleared out?
  • Check for system upgrades. Make sure your phone is fully up to date.
  • Background applications: clear down any apps that may be running in the background and hogging resources. I used to use ES Task Manager
  • Application updates - are you running the latest version of IF? If not, run any available updates.
  • Finally if none of the above does the trick, try uninstalling and re-installing IF. That may do the trick.

Using Android 4.2.2 and I had some issues as well.
In the meantime, InfiniteFlight works flawlessly for me.

Just make sure that

  • you close all background apps
  • deny all other updates on your phone for the time being
  • your phone’s memory storage is not entirely full yet

If that doesn’t help:
Uninstall InfiniteFlight and reinstall it and only download the planes / regions you want to fly.
You’ll be quicker in the app and it won’t crash.

Hope this helps and welcome to the community forum! :)

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