Game Crashing

I was just on a flight from ORD-CLT and when I was pulling on for takeoff my game crashed. I had everything set up and was cleared for takeoff by the controller. For the amount of money I pay for this “GAME” it’s ridiculous that is is a constant issue. I may 50 bucks to fly with my friends and fly around the world, not so when I’m lining up my game crashes. Please provide me with information on how to fix this issue or you will be losing my business. Have a good day Infinite Flight.


Hi there, can you help us out by providing some more details?

What device are you on?
What are your graphics settings?
Does the program quit with no message or does it say “Infinite Flight has stopped responding”

Can you also tell me if your device was on the charger?

This is a known issue for the game to crash if on the charger. It mostly just has to do with the device’s software programming.

Yes, my device (iPad Mini) was on the charger at the time of the crash. Would if help if for takeoff and landing I take it off the charger to reduce the risk of the game crashing? Thanks.

Could you specify which iPad Mini Variant this was? And are the airports of departure usually crowded?

You can experiment to see if this was the cause. Best of Luck

What are the graphics settings you are using? You may have it set too high for your device. Try lowering the settings and ensuring low power mode and limit frame rate is turned on.

I have also not heard of an issue with being on the charger. I have heard issues with using cheap charging cables but not to the point that it causes issues to the app.


In addition, with the iPad minis make sure anti aliasing is off.

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This is not a known issue? I use mine with the charger all the time and never had any issues… and so does many others.


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