Game crashing

everytime when I try to join a game or do a flight it would crash right away. but when I try to be a controller it’s works perfectly

I have the latest version of iOS and I tried to do everything to fix it restarting phone and restarting etc.

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That’s odd for sure. Have you cleared scenery cache lately? Are you running any third party apps in the background?

  • Clearing Your Scenery Cache. (Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Yes)

No I Don’t have any background party’s
Usually I use IF Assistant But I was doing some pattern work so I didn’t use it

What device have you got ?

I am using the iPhone 7

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Hi Wallacy,

Could you answer my questions above ;)

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No I haven’t cleared scenery Cache

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As I’m using an Iphone 7 for infinite flight and I have no issues at all… Every now and then I would recommend Clearing Your Scenery Cache. (Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache > Yes)

Okay, let’s try that first and let’s have you start fresh by restarting your device.

Ok I will do it right now

So I restarted my phone and opens up infinite flight an it started to work all of a sudden I don’t even know who because I restarted so many times

Okay, yeah some good habits we have found over time is restarting your device keeps things fresh. Also, limiting the amount of activity you have going on in the background (other apps running) will help you have a better experience.

Ok thanks for helping u can close this now

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