Game crashing

Last night I set out on a long 7 hour flight. Then went to bed, this morning I woke up & my dad said “it crashed”. I don’t know if he meant the plane or the game but more likely the game science I have a full load of fuel &was climbing to 400000ft.

IOS 11.?
iPad Air
Latest IF build

That is odd. Happened to me only once. Delete and reinstall the app. It should fix your problems

Hi there,

So you were climbing to 400,000 feet or 40,000 feet? Perhaps you were put into a stall due to a high VS (vertical speed). Most commercial aircraft in this simulator do not fit the parameters to fly at Flight Levels higher than FL400 (40,000ft).


This happened to me last night too. I let my plane reach cruise and went to sleep after making sure everything was suffiecient. Then, I wake up and look over at my phone a couple hours later and I see my home screen rather than Infinite Flight…


Also, make sure your aircraft is in level and stable flight before you ever turn away and just let it fly on its own.


Chances are it stalled because it was climbing too high. Climbing heavy with fuel for a 7 hour flight to FL400 doesn’t sound very safe.

Probably the cause, here is the timeline according to that theory (Time is in sim time)

2225: KLM 042 leaves the gat in Chicago, it’s a fully loaded 77W heading to Amsterdam.
2230: The plane lifts off from KORD’s runway 04L
2237: KLM 042 reaches FL100 the pilot increases speed to 347kts & goes to bed as the plane climbs to FL400 at a VS of 2700.
2300~: KLM 042 crashes near MI57.

Can anyone be the investigator & figure this one out.

A VS of 2700 at that elevation could and probably did cause a stall.

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