Game crashing

First of all I am extremely grateful for the developers spending a lot of time and effort making the global update. I’m enjoying the update a lot but there’s just one problem for me when I’m flying. I was recently flying EGLL-OMDB and when I was decending into Dubai my game froze and then my iPad shut off. I have the iPad Pro with more than 2gb of RAM and a lot of storage left on the device. I also have iOS 11. So I’m just wondering does this have to do with my device or do other people experience this. Again thank you devs for all you hard work!

I have the same device as you, and one key thing i’ve noticed during all of this is that it’s really good to restart your iPad / clear out RAM before starting a long flight.

Clearing out RAM without restarting is done like this:
Hold down your power/lock button until “Swipe to turn off…” appears. Once you see that, you hold down the Home button until you’re returned to the Home screen. Voila!


I recommend you look at other topics.

Thank you so much for the help! I’m going to try that and do a flight to test it out.

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