Game crashing

Hello everyone, this have been a problem for me for about a month now. During a flight when ever I am contacting approach on the radio or Socal approach, my screen will froze for a few seconds, and crash , and I can’t continue my flight after that, I am a bit worry that , would I still get experience after this. Thank You Please help me solve this problem!

Hi there, and thanks for contacting support. To better assist you, can we get your:

  • Device
  • Software being used
  • Version of Infinite Flight
  • Anything else we should know about your device (Jailbroken, rooted)


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My device is OPPO R9s
Not really understanding the second request
The latest update(not Global)
No Rooted

What version of android is being used? How much storage is available on your device?

A possible solution may be to have at least 1GB of free space on your phone, if not more. Make sure to have your graphics all the way down as well.

I had the same problem when I used iPhone5. Since I changed my device to iPhone 7 Plus, I have never had this problem.

The iPhone 5 isn’t supported anymore. Are you having issues with your 7+?

Known issue in the non-Global version.

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