Game Crashing With Joystick

Hi! I have come across an issue with the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick, when using it with Infinite Flight.

Short Summary When attempting to switch views using the joystick, the game crashes.

Device and Specs iPhone X and iPhone SE, iOS 11.2, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, LiveFlight Connect

How I Attempted to Solve I restarted LiveFlight, uninstalled and reinstalled Infinite Flight, and cleared RAM.

So I connect my joystick to my laptop, which is running LFC, and hop on to Infinite Flight, and select the joystick, and start setting up all my settings for which buttons do what. I assign Button 1 to the Next Camera command, and set up everything else. Then when I actually start flying, and attempt to switch views, the game crashes.

If anyone has experienced this before, or if you have a solution, it would be appreciated. Thanks! Have a good day!

I think they said it was a known issue that would be fixed in a later update.

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Yes. PC Windows 10 Thrustmaster X .
Switching views i.e. next/previous crashes.
Nvidia tablet Android 7

This should be in #thirdparty as it is referring to LiveFlight. Also, as D.A.L has already said, this is a known issue that Cameron is hopefully looking into. Thank you for contacting us!

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After entering the game, every point of view is switched on once and it won’t collapse.

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