Game Crashing While Loading

So this is something that has recently been happening to me (since yesterday) and has sucked because I can’t fly anymore i have no other devices that support global
Lets get to the point
The game is crashing while loading, even on the lowest setting
IPhone 6
Latest IF and iOS
Doesnt work on celluar and wifi
Thanks, Boeing747-8

Have you tried a restart?

It was loading, and then the black screen, and theeeeeennnnnnn, it crashed, sorry Daniel, restarting didn’t work 😂

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ChrisLevet232Moderator8d said this.
“Hi there,
We have seen other users have success with the following suggestion:

Reset Network Settings
-From the home screen, tap Settings.
-Scroll down to, then tap General.
-Scroll down to, then tap Reset.
-Tap Reset Network Settings.
-Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm.”

Do a full restart of your device and relaunch Infinite Flight. There was an issue with the servers and the Infinite Flight Team said earlier that everything should be better now.

yeah, restarted it again, and for some reason it started working, you’re the best Chris! (event tho schyllberg is my favorite)

check your PM’s too chris, sent you one about something

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