Game Crashing While entering Game

Hi all
After 321 update, after entering the game and be ready for takeoff, i make sure that
I clised the Baicjground apps and i delete the unneeded apps and Restart the device game Freez, then i need to Take off the battery and take it in again
Note 3

That used to happen to me, too. Same device running Android 5.1.1

Reinstalling IF worked for me.

Hope you can fly again, soon

When did you get the 5.1.1 update?

Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m running no stock firmware, but rooted Cyanogenmod 12.1
With original 5.0.1 there were no issues

Will reinstall stock today or tomorrow. I keep you updated if I experience any problems and maybe the solution

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This is a problem caused by the rooted OS. Unfortunately it’s not something we can resolve for you, sorry. All I can suggest is to undo the root, and return to factory settings.