Game crashing while at 3D airport

i dont know is it just me or whenever i at a 3D airport with other aircraft my game crashes without any warning any idea what cause it?

My device is Xiao Mi 10T Pro
Operating System is Android 11:


Hey there. What are your current graphics settings?

Hello there! Here are some things you can do to possibly fix this.

-Lower your 3D object density

-Lower your graphics

-Restart your device before every flight

Hope this helps!


all medium

My graphics is medium and object density is medium too tho

Did you checked ist this topic? Device Compatibility Thread 21.2 - Built By Us For You!

Maybe you can find an answer there

yes and im pretty sure my device is way above the requirement as i use max graphic and i dont encounter frames drop

So what means every time for you? Like really every time you spawn or just often?

the frames only drop by 10 when the airport is really busy

and once after takeoff it basically stays the same

Is your frame rate at 30 or 60fps?

just cleared my replay files but idk if that will affect cause i have alot of device storage

60 and it usually stays at 60-50 fps

Do you push messages turned on while flying?

nope i dont

the crashing only occurs during taxiing and after i land and cruising part got no issue

Cooper summed it up quite well:

What I can recommend is also to enable low power mode in the IF settings. Infinite Flight crashes sometimes very often. If it’s very extrem for many users the team will sometimes publish a hot fix also.

One last question: Since what IF version are the crashes so frequently?

since the previous update where the push back tug got added