Game crashing whenever zooming on tower view

Hey everyone. I have a weird problem that I have never experienced before today. Whenever switching to tower view (for controlling and for flying) and if I were to zoom in on a plane my game would crash. I’ve been able to reproduce it twice.

  • device: iPad mini 2
  • OS : IOS 11.2
  • IF settings: airplane count: high, automatic airplane downloads over cellular data: on, hide airplane dots: off, hide airplane names: off, rendering quality: high, rendering resolution: high, texture quality: high, anti aliasing: on, limit frame rate: off
  • free memory: 17 of 36 GB

I checked and could not find a topic like this.



I have had this happen to but only in Flight so I just suggest you not go on tower view while in Flight and zoom

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I would also suggest if it keeps doing that just use free cam

So it does not happen often?

Only when I’ve tried to reproduce it.

Have your tried lowering your graphics settings. turn off anti aliasing off and see if it helps.

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This happens to most of us I believe, regardless of device type or settings. I control as IFATC on a Samsung Galaxy Pro 12.2 tablet and I have the same issue.

This also has previously been covered, but the last update hasn’t seemed to fix the problem:

What I do when I control larger airports when i first logon is use the free cam to ‘hover’ over taxi areas the tower cam doesn’t quite catch. That’s one alternative until this is fixed.