Game Crashing when landing into Schiphol

Hi, I was on approach into schiphol and the game has crashed for a second time ever since the airport became 3D, it has happened in easyJet and Ryanair, at the exact same position when landing. I use an iPhone 11 with all settings high, anti-aliasing on and 30 FPS. Any assistance on why this is happening will be greatly appreciated.

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With a lot of traffic and really high graphics you set, maybe that’s the reason

I’ve never had this issue before when there has been high traffic density, including FNF airports.

It specifically seems to be only Amsterdam where it is happening.


A game crash could happen for several reasons, such as exceeding allocated memory, a failure with game resources, or just the fact that the scenery didn’t load.

My immediate recommendation would be to try spawning at Schiphol first and getting to that location in the casual server to make sure the scenery is loading in. If that does not work, you could also try going into the iPhone menu and remove all other background apps. Otherwise, it may be wise to redownload the app so that the database can reload.

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Thanks I’ll try it later.

Sounds good, lemme know!

The scenery seems to be loading in, no lag or anything, any other suggestions? The only background apps I have when flying is IFAssistant

EHAM is an extremely dense airport in terms of objects. If you have 3D object density set to highest with your graphics settings the same, i would strongly advise that the device is restarted before launching Infinite Flight to free up as much resources as possible.

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It was the first flight I’d done today, but could it just be density issues?

First flight is one thing, but how long before that did you restart your device? Like powering it down and back up.

I power my phone off at night

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Then i would recommend dropping the object density to start with :)

Alright thanks

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