Game crashing too often

Hello Infinite Team and Community,

I know that every app can crash and it’s really hard to prevent that. But for me IF is the only app which crashes. And with that I mean very very often. Today (I had one flight and two ATC sessions my game crashed at both ATC sessions and the flight. I also restarted my iPad after every crash again.) I like how there are many new features coming but so many crashes destroy the experience.

Thanks a lot for reading my feedback!
Have a great night/day 🙂

Small bonus question for the community: How often is your app crashing? And also where and when…


Mine never crashes

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Hey there, could you please provide some more information about your device, your operating system, Infinite Flight version, as well as the settings for your device? This would help us when we narrow down the possible causes of your crashes.

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Yeah, I don’t need tips or stuff like that. Tired so much…😂 but thanks a lot for asking: I use an iPad (8. Generation) and iOS 15.4. my if version is 22.1 and I use max settings. (Also tried lower but crashed anyways) I also normally feel no fps drops or stuff like that. Normally it just crashes.

The thing about 22.1 is that it has improvements to the graphics as optimisation works have been made. I would still recommend that you do a complete device restart every so often though. I’ve tried this with my iPad Pro, and was able to have performance improve drastically.

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