Game crashing still obviously not fixed

Hello I have just finished a flight from Lisbon to Paris.
As I was approached the runway to land the screen was Glitching and same as I landed so I carried on taxi off the runway and away to contact ground and the game switched off.

I thought the crashing was meant to be fixed obviously it’s not.
I am on iPad mini 4 updates all up to date and never had problems up till this update for crashing.

Hey. The long haul crashes are fixed, however sever issues seem to be occurring here and there. The devs are working on this. Take a look at the document below as well. It may help you grasp the situation better.


Currently, the crashes are fixed, but, at this moment, they are having an extreme amount of traffic because everyone is excited for the update. The servers are absolutely loaded with people flying (which is, for the most part, a wonderful thing)

I would either fly in airspaces that aren’t so busy or I would wait it out a day or two.

I just crashed on short final after a 13 hours long flight, this issue clearly isn’t fixed

The memory leak is fixed. But we have other crashes currently tormenting that will hopefully be resolved shortly! Hotfix is being prepared for this.