Game crashing randomly

So I had just taken off JFK on a flight to Istambul (LTFM), I had begun my left turn to go through the arrival procedure, then when I started another left turn the game froze for like half a second then it crashed.

This isn’t the first time either, this has happened to me like 10 or 15 times in Infinite flight, and most of the time it’s either while I’m departing from an airport, arriving at an airport, or the one time where I was taxing at Dallas and it crashed randomly.
Does anyone know why this is happening?

Here’s the last 3 frames from the screen recording when the fake crashed.

Device: IPad 9th gen
Operating system: iOS

Hello, in your first screenshot, I see the white screen glitch which is known and very random and uncommon at that so it’s been hard to track down.

Are you seeing this white screen or yellow on your screen every time it crashes?

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Trying clearing the scenery cahe. If you have the most recent update and meet the criteria infinite flight resume should let you restart your flight where it crashed.

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I have seen that white screen before, and what appears to be some kind of yellow screen that shows up for like a quarter of a second. But no, it doesn’t happen every time the game crashes. It just happens on its own (and nothing happens after it), but this time the white screen showed up, then around half a second later the game froze and crashed.

Also didn’t know that white screen is uncommon, I’d say it had shown up before at least 4 times before in the past… just didn’t think anything of it I guess…

Alright thx for the feedback. And yes I agree with you that if I followed the steps of the flight resume, I could continue the flight where I had left off. But this couldn’t be possible, simply bc, the game crashed right after departing from the airport.

But I’ll try cleaning the scenery cache next time, thx man.

It’s uncommon in the sense that there’s no known way to consistently get it to appear - there aren’t defined steps to perform in order to reproduce the issue - which is why this is hard to track down and resolve it.

Crash logs are now sent automatically, so this should help the dev team resolve the issue at some point in the future.


We would also recommend that you restart your device before flights just to keep things fresh, and limiting the amount of apps you have running in the background should help performance as well. Another thing you didn’t mention is storage, make sure you have some free space so that your device can download streamed content such as scenery, terrain, and aircraft.

If you find that none of the above options have helped resolve your issue, you could backup your replays then delete and reinstall the app as your last resort.


Aight I’ll take all of these things in consideration, thx a lot for the help guys.


Sure thing, that’s why we’re here to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. 😊 Blue skies ✈️


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