Game Crashing on Iphone 7

Hi there all,

I am very angry and disappointed due to the amount of time IF has crashed since the last update. This is really bugging me because I have all my settings on the lowest and I follow all the tips are given for the crashing after the update. Such as Restarting my Phone before a flight, My settings are all on the Lowest E.G. Graphis, Resolution, Scenery and Airplane counts. My Settings on my phone for storage is 5GB free and all my apps are closed when I’m doing a flight on IF. Also, my phone is on the lowest brightness for long haul and short flights and the WiFi I am using is very fast (40 MB per second).
Is there anything I can do for the crashing to stop???

Thanks Captain_Tank

Hey there, this should help you:

This is a known issue and will be solved in the new 20.1 update :)

I’ve Seen this many times but it still continues to crash But hopefully its gets sorted out in 20.1

Hey there!

Your best bet would to clear the RAM on the device (hold down the power button until you see slide to power off and then hold the home button until you are brought to the lock screen) and then restart the device as you normally would when powering it all the way down.

Hope this helps and feel free to PM me of you need :)

I’ve done all of this but it still crashes :(

Did you read the initial post in this topic?

Yes, I did, however I thought it may be useful to give a straight answer rather than making the user sort through the post. I know it’s an issue and I gave probable solutions :)

I recommend, to just wait for 20.1, since they said they were going to fix this, and since 20.1 is close, I recommend to just wait.


The linked topic covers this scenario first thing. In the top. I know, since i made it :)

2 out of 3 of your suggestions were already brought up in the initial post by the user.

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20.1 should fix the issue. Its very close

Yes hope so!

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@Captain_Tank - there is unfortunately not way to avoid the crashes entirely, just minimizing the risk of them occurring.

What i think would benefit you most in this case, is the camera trick.
Referenced here:


Sorry. I was just trying to help. Anything else I did wrong :(

Ok I’ll try the Camera trick hopefully it works!

It’s not that i want to call you out, not at all.
But sometimes, helping without realizing the full extent or understanding the issue posted… can make things worse :)