Game crashing on Final

Hello everyone,

I was on final to kbwi and when I was on final the game crashed. Is this happening to other people as well?

Hi! Sorry for the issue. What device and graphic settings are you using?

I have an Ipad 6th generation. The graphic setting I used to have were on high. This has happened to me before and I have tried to fluctuate the settings to low and medium but it would still crash.

Have you tried altering your fps? This could help reduce stress on your device.

This has also just happened to me on final at EGLL. I’m using an ipad 2020, and have been fine using it since last year

Yeah same it has been fine before 22.1.

Yeah. I have been using the lowest fps the game provides. 30fps.

Same! Although my graphics are set to high, it’s never impacted performance on the ipad before now

The devs are currently working on some performance related issues impacting certain devices. Reference linked here: Support FAQ - Please read this before posting!

Hopefully if/when they release a hotfix it will resolve your issues.

Ok thank you so much.

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