Game crashing on final

I posted a topic last week on my game crashing during the flight and ever since my game crashes on short final every time I’ve done everything that I was told

Have you tried:

  • Deleting and reinstalling Infinite Flight?

  • Clearing scenery cache?

Along with

  • Powering off and restarting your device?

This happened to me a lot too. I turned on Low Power Mode in Settings, and everything was fine. Try doing that. :)

I’ve done it a few times might aswell try again

What device are you using and what graphics settings?

Yeah I’ll give that a go thanks

Does it crash and give a window that Infinite Flight has stopped or does it simply close with no messages?

I have also experienced this on my old iPhone 6. Put down your graphic settings and airplane count. This should help. It is because when you are at short final the planes on the ground will start appearing and the phone won’t be able to handle it, so it crashes.

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