Game crashing on final at busy airport

Completing a long haul flight into a busy-ish airport and the game crashes once I get to about 4000-5000ft and getting vectored by approach. I have all the settings on low and no other apps running in the background as well as completing a restart of my device prior to completing the flight. This has happened three times approaching a busy-ish hub (LFMN yesterday and HECA just now). According to this thread my device should be running fine even on higher settings.

Device: iPad 6th Generation (2018)
Operating system: iOS 16.3.1


That specific entry may not be entirely up to date with how things are now.
I would not recommend running the iPad 6th gen on anything to highest since it’s only running on 2GB RAM.

Something that probably plays in a lot here is your “Airplane Count” and “3D Object Density” setting. Those I would recommend lowering to start with.

Additionally, make sure you restart your device more often. Especially before any longer flights.

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Thanks for the speedy reply. I did lower all the graphics settings to the lowest and restarted my device after that first crash and still experienced the same issue the next. I did notice after the last crash that I my device storage was almost full. Would that have played a factor in the crashes? If so, I have since freed up 5GB of storage, hopefully that makes a difference.

Okay, after clearing my storage, restarting the device before the flight and all settings on low, I was able to land it and nearly get to parking before crashing whilst taxiing :(. Anything else I can do or just the device is too old and too slow? Thanks.

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