Game crashing on "End Flight" - Flight stats are not captured

Each time I end my flight the app crashed. This Isn’t that big of a deal except that it does NOT capture my flight statistics (landings) are not being captured. This has caused my grade ranking to drop from 5 down to a 3 due to lack of the number of landings.

This has occurred on both long flights as well as short flights.

I have done a complete uninstall of the app.
Reduced graphic settings to minimal resolution.
Cleared the cached several times.

Not sure what else to do at this point.

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Sorry about this.
The issue have been fixed for the upcoming release of 22.4. So it won’t be a thing from there on.

Sure would be nice to recover my current ranking.

They should not have been impacted though, since the landings are counted as you land and logged almost immediately.

What is your last known callsign though? If you have an example flight of when this occurred, we can check the stats.

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