Game Crashing during long haul flight :(

So I was flying today from WSSS to EGLL and Infinite Flight crashed unexpectedly and I was soo infuriated that that happened that I just sat knowing I wasted my time. Has this ever happened to any of you people? Is there a way to prevent it from happening again?

what device are you on?

iPad Pro 2020 4th Gen

What graphics do you use when on long haul t at cruise altitude?

have you turned down things like graphics and airplane count?

No I leave them on high and never had any problems, today was the first time this has happened and I’ve been on IF for time

I leave my graphics on high and do not change them

I’m not expert on this but from previous experience I turned down things like airplane count and graphics while cruising and then turned back on when landing

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That sound like a good idea but it’s such a hassle

it’s easy actually! Just go to settings it takes like 5 seconds!

Ok I will do that next time :)

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with me it only used to crash while landing on my old device so it might be something different idk!

yea on the long haul flights I would highly recommend just turning down graphics and 3d objects to low

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