Game crashing due to looking at battery

Hi,so I was flying from JFK to Paris when on descent I wanted to have a look at my battery percentage when I did so IF crashed and a loading circle thing came up and after 5seconds it was back to the lock screen. When I go back to IF, there is no evidence of my flight not even in the logbook.other times when I check my battery it’s fine. What can I do? I know the obvious answer is to not look at the battery but is there a way somehow to retrieve atleast logbook proof (because im in a VA)

Device : IPad Air 2
Memory left: 46gb

It would be advisable to not exit the app in-flight. You’ll get the hours, XP etc of the flight since they’re added to your status as you fly :)
You may contact the person in charge of logging flights in the VA for the issue of giving the proof.

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That sounds like a Springboard crash. Springboard is the graphical interface of iOS. So, it wasn’t IF that crashed in this case.