Game crashing constantly on version 23.3

The game is as sensitive as the system now lol

Lol! Hopefully this will all be fixed in an upcoming hotfix which should be released within the next few days.

Don’t think this was fixed, just made worse lol!

I do think it was for the majority, I just did a 21 hour flight no issues. It probably had to do with graphics like @Southwest_2115 said earlier. They will never be able to fix crashing in general for everyone as that’s impossible, it comes down to the device, generation, software etc. But they can improve performance and lower the risk of a crash.

If I restart my device before each flight it seems to work fine. It does seem like the update did increase the chances of the game crashing for a lot of people.

Well considering in this thread that multiple people are reporting more crashing since the update released, something is probably going on.

Trying a flight with lowered settings so let’s see what happens.

Mine crashed before even spawning lol

But I’ve noticed a trend that the game crashes a lot during the initial update before getting fixed during a hotfix

I just doing that 5min ago, and the game was shut down (crazy)hhh

My game crashed again. I was flying the E190 and I was just cruising about an hour out and it just cut out

Thanks for the reports folks, we’re still working on crashes. Our upcoming 23.3 hotfix will solve a bunch of common crashes that we’ve noticed in this update.

It should release in the next few days


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