Game crashing constantly on version 23.3

Hey, so my game just crashed for like the 4th time on this new update. Now I love the update but the fact that my game is crashing constantly means that something isn’t right, I also heard that other people have the same issue. Please fix it or help me sort it out asap so me and others playing this fantastic update can enjoy it properly.

Device- iPad 9th gen

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Are you running iOS 17?

Hey there!

Sorry to hear about your app crashing. In order for me and other community members to be able to assist you better, we’ll need some more details:

  • What were you doing/trying to do when the app crashed? Was it a crash on startup, did you attempt to spawn at a busy airport, did your app crash during cruise, etc.
  • What are your graphics & aircraft density settings? If trying to start a flight at a busy airport with the highest settings, chances are it’s not going to work and you’ll need to tune them down a notch.

Bear in mind your device’s processor is 4 years old already, which, if coupled with higher settings, can be a cause for unstable app behavior.

No but every flight I have done on this update has crashed

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I was taking off out of LaGuardia headed for Chicago and I have everything set to medium except the 3D object density. Which is on high. Should I turn that down?

Understood! Yeah, I’d suggest turning the object density down a notch - your device may very well be incapable of handling the sim with the object density set to High.

Please let me know if changing this setting mitigates the problem.

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I did crash also on cruise earlier today as well. I do think yesterday my game tried to crash but it didn’t fortunately.

Excuse me, what?

This happened to me as well an hour ago…
Flying from Vienna - Catania. 135 nm away and was looking forward to the approach/landing as there was more traffic inbound, and then it just chrashed… i’ve had my phone for over a year now and done countless flights, and this was the first time it chrashed.
My device is Iphone 13Pro.

Yea like my iPad loves to like make scratchy noises now and then it crashes

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I’m hoping to get a new one soon though!

It made the noise like it would right before it crashes but then surprisingly it didn’t.

My iphone 12 pro max keeps crashing on this version as well. It makes that flikering noise as stated in above comment and then it crashes. Was about one hour out of dublin into jfk using the AA 787-8. Also, I’m just flying free flight btw and not on any of the servers.

Same problems for me. Makes the weird noise then crashes. Device is a 3rd gen 12.9in iPad Pro. To be fair, yea the device is almost 5 years old and I do have everything set to high, but prior to this update I rarely had crashes and it was fine even flying into busy 3D airports. 2 days in a row on the new update and crashes. I’ll try turning down the settings but considering it was fine pre-update, I’m not sure how much that’ll help.

1st crash was taxiing in ORD after landing, 2nd was next day on final at ORD.

Unfortunately, I’ve had the same problem as well. Yesterday, I was covering the route from Istanbul to Chicago, and when inspecting a player, the game flickered and crashed automatically. This was very annoying for me because I had already been flying for several hours, and it was frustrating

Now that I think about mine might of happened when looking at another player’s info, or at least hopping camera angles. May need to just leave it alone when I’m flying haha

Yes, I think the issue occurs when you inspect another player. At least I could confirm this because I crashed when inspecting another player. Suddenly, the game bugged out and crashed. I guess we’ll have to stop inspecting other people while we’re flying to avoid this

Just saying guys if you reduce the graphics the game works so well

Would you rather have better performance or a better experience?

I’ve had more crashes since I’ve downloaded 23.3. I’ve flown into 3D DFW and other larger airports before they were released and never had issues. I now crash without even moving.