Game crashing almost everytime I try to land

Hey I’ve been starting to do flights again and everytime I try to land at a airport, my game crashes. I notice that I tend to crash when I am below FL150.

Here is info about my device.

  • iPad 7th gen

  • iOS 15.6

I have tried to uninstall IF before too. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix this. It will help me a lot!



Here are some steps you can do to help reduce crashes on IF

  1. Lower your graphics settings to ease pressure on your device due to graphics

  2. If anti-aliasing is on, turn it off, because anti-aliasing puts extra strain on your device.

  3. Turn aircraft count to a lower setting if set to high if at a busy or big airport (Like Atlanta)

  4. Set all other graphics settings like texture, rendering to medium.

Hope this helps :)


On top of @ybtl.aviation’s graphics recommendations, I would recommend this topic post attached to this post. You may find your device on here and it should help you retain a good game experience with Infinite Flight without crashing.

Edit: I do not think your device is on the device compatibility thread? I have attempted to scour through the entire topic post but could not find what you stated you had. You could try to look for yourself, but if you come to the same conclusion as I do, then what has been already said and this may help:

I hope you manage to find a way to play Infinite Flight without crashing.

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You can add your device to the compatability thread!

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If they test enough to find the optimal settings on their device, they could make a post regarding said settings on the thread 😅.

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Sorry to hear about that.

  • Restart your device before any longer flights. Gets rid of a lot of RAM strain, which is a regular cause of these types of crashes. Your device has 3GB of RAM as standard—if this isn’t as available as possible to Infinite Flight, then <insert your topic title…>.

  • Do some of the basic troubleshoots @ybtl.aviation has suggested.

See if this helps first.



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