Game crashing all the time after new update

The game has been experiencing loads of problems ever since. I was going to do a a330 flight to Madrid with Iberia from Heathrow and after I planned the flight, the game crashed and it keeps doing it.


We need more information such as your device, current graphics settings, etc…


Are you flying on the Expert Server Beta? That could be why it is crashing.

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I am also facing frequent crash issue.
Device iPad 9th generation. Graphic setting high changed to medium but same issue observed.

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Nope I’m not. It’s training server

I’ve heard that training server was buggy after the update when the e175 was reworked, even before the update the game used to crash everytime i was on short final at EGLL or at least near the airport.

I have the same problem. After the update from yesterday the app is not starting anymore. Something must be wrong with the last update. I use iPad Air 5th generation, new iPad with the last version of IOS on it. App worked fine before the update from yesterday.

What’s the difference?

The expert beta could have bugs in it.

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