Game crashing after screenshot


I was just using the replay system and I have realized that everytime I take a screenshot it crashes.It would finish loading and everything else and the screenshot would save.It just crashes after that.If any moderator could help me it would be greatly appriciatedThanks and enjoy the update!


Could you provide more details such as your device and operating system?

I have edited more details in the post

Hello. This is most likely happening because of your screenshot resolution you are currently on. Try reducing it by heading to the settings page shown below. If this doesn’t solve it, please let us know so we can dive into this further. Thanks


So its like I cant take 1 screehshot without it crashing

Im gonna gosee if that workings brb

With the screenshots, it is highly recommended to stay at or below 4x resolution. The higher the resolution, the more RAM that is required.
My Razer Phone with 8gb of RAM is also limited to 4x resolution, as Infinite Flight is limited in how much ram is actually available to be used. I spoke with Phillipe about this, and he said that it should stay at 4x


It seems like it worked.Thanks @Brandon_K and @Dan_77!