Game Crashing after new update

hello, starting last night, my game crashes as soon as i pull up to my gate, this happened twice already, i did a flight last night and one overnight flight just now, both of them crashed, is there a way to fix this?

Hello there! I’ll ask one question first, how much available storage do you have left? Also, here are some things to help fix this.

-Restarting your device before every flight

-Lowering your airplane count

-Lowering your graphics

-This is a last resort, but it would be reinstalling the app.

Hope this helps!

i have 94 GB left of storage

Oh, then that’s definitely not a problem 😂

Please try the steps I gave you for your next flight, only reinstall if this issue keeps persisting.

can this issue be on the update than rather on my end, im asking because i noticed as soon as my jet bridge connected to my plane, my game crashes, on my second flight, once the stand guidance tells me to stop, 3-4 seconds later after it tells me to stop, my game crashes

Could you give some important information of the device? So the Dev’s / Mods can help you when they are not busy.

im currently using an iphone 13

@HappySpartanJay it looks like the problem is with iPads at the moment. There are two other threads with similar problems, i think Phillipe was addressing the issue.

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App Crash since 22.1 - #24 by Mayank_Pawar @HappySpartanJay seethe link

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The devs are currently working on performance related issues impacting certain devices. Reference link posted here: Support FAQ - Please read this before posting!

Hopefully if/when they release a hotfix or next version whichever comes first, it will fix your problems.

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