Game crashing after 24.2 update


I updated the game to the 24.2 version, including the hotfix, but soon after the update the game started to crash without any reason. I used to play with the In-Flight Assistant and I was thinking that this app is causing the crashings so I uninstalled it. After that, the game kept crashing. I tried 7 times and each time I couldn’t even get on the runway that the game crashed. I played on the Training Server with the new A380. After some crashes, I was thinking that maybe the new aircraft could cause it, so I got the A320 and still kept crashing.

I don’t understand what should I do for the game to work.

I saw on the forum the the crash reports are sent automatically to the developers, but I hope that the are on it.

Thank you very much!

Device: Samsung S7FE - Wifi
Operating system: Android 14, OneUI 6.0

Have you tried doing a fresh install on the app? Completely remove the app and reinstall. This may clear it up.

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Please also make sure that you have the latest update that includes the hotfix as seen here.

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I’ve got the latest 24.2.2 version. I restarted the tablet and now everything seems fine. I hope it won’t crash again. If it will, I’ll do that fresh install that you talked about. Thank you!🥰

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