Game Crashing After 19.2

Hey there!
Ever Since I Updated My Game to 19.2, My iPad Air 2 Would Overheat Then Suddenly The Game Would Freeze Then Crash.
This Has Only Happened When I Am On The Ground (I didn’t have time to takeoff).

Steps Taken To Solve The Problem

  • Restart App
  • Restart Device
  • Turn WIFI On And Back On

Results: Same :(

Quick Info:

I Have Always Played Infinite Flight On the Same iPad with MAX Graphics (game runs smoothly) without Overheating Problems nor Crashes, This Only Started To Happen After 19.2.

Uninstalling And Reinstalling Is NOT An Option For Me As I Have Some Very Valuable Replays Saved.


As the app continues to improve, the requirements will also increase. The iPad Air 2 have quite a few years on it now, and running it on max is not recommended.

As a first step, i recommend you drop the “Rendering resolution” a notch. That should help out!


Ill Test It Then Review It Here.

Still Crashing As I Listen To The ATIS.
All My Graphics Are Currently Set To Medium.

You can export your replays to the site and download them back. Leading on from that, can you reinstall the app?

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Ok, Sure, I’ll Try That.

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You can also save this into an iCloud folder.


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