Game crashing A lot recently

Hello everyone i’m in support because my game has been crashing a lot recently on long hauls, I was about to land in frankfurt from Los angeles, then the game just kicked me out, this also happened last week when I was flying from Atlanta to Paris and I was also on Final there to literally about to touchdown so imagine my disbelief when it happens not once but twice, The game operates fine on short-medium hauls but long hauls it seems to always crash on final into the airports I go to anyway to solve this? thank you.

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Iphone XR:
Most Up to date OS.


Yeah same with me, this is my third time trying a KLAX to LIRF overnight flight since it crashed twice on the two recent ones, so I deleted the app and reloaded it. Fingers crossed…

iPhone SE, updated iOS

This is an issue that a few people have been having recently. Staff are aware and are looking at potential causes and solutions however, do not believe it to be a problem with the app.

See more on this post from @schyllberg

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I have also noticed this I was doing a flight with @John_Wixk_jr and it crashed for the pike 3rd time in a week

Sadly I have heard this happened so many times recently! Worried it will happen to me…

This has happened to me 2x todays. Sadly it occurs while I am taxing and I have not had chance to even make it in the air. I restarted my device and now will re-download the app to see it if helps. This has been happening since the new software update on apple 15.5

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Do you play with 60 FPS ? Because before I played with 60 and I crashed during my final, I put 30 FPS and I don’t crash on final

We have a few crash issues that should be resolved in the next update.
The issues we’ve had with fixing this sooner is that barely any of your crashes are being noted in any logs, so determining the root cause have been close to impossible.

Hopefully most of this should be better next up!



I re-downloaded the app and was able to successfully complete a flight without any crashes. I am sure the next update will resolve any underlying issues.

I had the same issue with long haul flights and I fix it lowering the graphic settings, what are your settings?

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