Game crashes

I literaly can barely take off before the game crashes. If I do get to take off I can barely get to 20k ft before the game crashes.
Is there a new fix that’s coming for this???
I’ve already updated the game. I’ve already rebooted my iPad. I’ve already lowered my settings. I’ve done every step possible and literally every time I’ve tried to fly the game just crashes. This is silly,

Device: iPad
Operating system:


What iPad Is It!? And what version of IOS do you have?

Hello there,

Sorry to hear that your app is crashing!
Have you updated to 23.3.1?
A new hotfix update has been released yesterday for IOS and android

More info on this topic below!

Let me know if you’re still struggling.


Me too! I’ve experienced the same thing with my iPad 9th Gen. I’ve rebooted it, updated to the latest hotfix, cleared cache and the same issue is still ongoing! It’s occurred too many times now.


Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues.

Luckily crash reports are sent automatically, so you can count on the devs being hard at work tracking down causes for those crashes and finding fixes for them.
It will take some time though, so please bear with them.


Yeah this is absolutely crazy.
I’ve tried multiples yesterday and today and it still just crashes.
Something’s gotta be done about this soon because it would be ridiculous for them to fix this in 6 months when the next update comes out.

The latest hot fix didn’t really address any of the known issues.

Sorry to hear you are still experiencing crashes.

The hotfix already fixed several issues found in crash reports.
It seems some others still have to be fixed though.
The devs are working on it.
Please bear with them.


Even with the hot fix game is crashing left and right what does it take to fix this stupid game ??

I can only reiterate what Jan said earlier since it’s the truth.
Bear in mind that a crash isn’t simply just a crash and one fix takes care of it all. An app crash can occurs for a multitude of reasons. Tracking those reasons down aren’t always simple especially when it’s not happening for everyone.

We’re not sleeping on this. It’s actively being investigated and worked on.


would resting your scenery cache help a tad bit or restart your app do anything

bc I can do a one hour short flight and have no issues but do a long haul I get an app crash 4 hours into the flight

Ipad pro so I would think it can more than handle this update // game

That clearing scenery cache solves anything like this is a common misconception. It’s like a myth we’ve tried to kill for several years now but it just won’t die ;)

Since we don’t know the specific reason for your crashes, we can’t say what would help right now. However, restarting the device is something we do recommend people to do way more often than they are.


I was a user struggling with crashes. I just tried reinstalling the app and it’s worked like a charm - no crashes now. However, still playing it safe using all low graphics, 30fps, restarting before each flight and low power mode (you can even try going on instrument view). I’m on an iPad 9 btw.

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I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and it literally crashed after takeoff lol. This is insane.
They should really work on putting out another update asap because there’s no way this can go on longer.

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Hm, what is your device?

Today the game crashes 2 times for me.
Only 59 mins left after 1:30’ flight from KMIA
My device: iPhone XS
Settings: normal

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Just crashed 11 hours in the flight heading towards KMIA. hahaha 😅🥹

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Pls fix this update as soon as possible.

You can count on the devs being hard at work tracking down causes for those crashes and finding fixes for them.
It will take some time though, so please bear with them.
This has top priority.


They r already working on it u can scroll up and see there response to this situation……

Have a little patience. 😄 (i myself have suffered through them so many times that they don’t bother me no more haha)

We are working our behinds off on these things.
It’s complex though, since you can’t be 100% sure these things are fixed until it’s actually pushed to people.

In all honesty, we were very confident of the performance for 23.3 given how many things that were fixed, beta feedback and so forth. But issues surfaced anyhow when we released 23.3 to the public. Then we pushed the hotfix (23.3.1) and also then we felt rather confident… but still there are issues. Hopefully 23.3.2 will be even better. Sometimes issues won’t surface until LOADS of users are using the app.

The problem is that you all use the app in different ways. You don’t all push certain buttons in the same order and so forth. There’s so many different ways of doing things. And on top of that, you have so many different devices to take into consideration and even if you all had same devices it would still be different. It’s not like two identical cars behave or have the exact same repair/service history even though they’re made on the same day and have been driven equally far.

We’re doing our very best to get this fixed as soon as humanly possible and we hate that things are this way.

Massive thanks for sticking with us and being so understanding <3