Game Crashes

I don’t normally make posts complaining about the game but my game has crashed 4 times in a row on Friday I tried going from EGLL to KORD and both times crashed about 4 hours in so I tried again on the Saturday again 4 hours in it crashes I never made a post because I saw that there was a hotfix coming updated my game today this time I was going from EGLL to KDFW and again 4 hours in and it crashes

I’m on iPhone 14 pro max


Hello, I would read what Cameron had said about game crashes.

Hey man, I know how you feel. Same thing happened to me even after the hotfix! I’ve done everything I could possibly do but the issue is still ongoing. It’s really frustrating! Hopefully something is done to fix it for good.


I am one of many pilots here experiencing the crashes issue since the 23.3 update.

However I have been experimenting a solution I found that might limit on chances of a crash recurring.

Ideally when en-route preferably TOC, change view on screen to instruments and zoom in a little and set HUD map ONLY.
I appreciate this may feel like flying blind but it seems to minimise the scenery load leading to a crash. It’s not an ideal situation though.

And you can reset it to your usual preferred view on screen e.g HUD view, or Captain view when descending/on final approach (I switched when on final approach/final to minimise scenery load).

So far it is working(for me) with this method; 3 out of 3 long hauls completed with no crashes.

I have since updated the hotfix that came yesterday & some I understand are still experiencing unexplained crashes even with low settings.

So will continue to employ the above method until such time there’s a solution.


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That’s interesting, what kinda device do you use?

I mean you wouldn’t be at your device anyway during a long haul flight, so what you see/don’t see really isn’t an issue. This solution has been said in multiple support topics, and it’s highly recommended as it really reduces crashes. What I’ve done is power saving mode, lowest graphics, instrument view, minimum brightness and time set to night which reduces the strain on the device (both in terms of graphics and battery usage). This allows me to do over 12hrs of flying without needing to charge, and without crashes. (With charge left over for up to 14hrs in total)

That being said, 23.3 did bring a lot more crashing (my first device crashes for ages), but the hotfix has certainly helped to resolve this.

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8th generation iPad (2020)

Will try then, I have an iPad 9 and have never completed a flight over an hour after the update. Thanks for the info 😉

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I am just merely pointing out what is working for me as it might help for some who are experiencing issues😉

I had literally had 5 flights that crashes in different phases (Taxi, TOC, & final approach) before employing this method.
3/3 flights no crashes(before I updated the hotfix on app).

It may well be I will have a crash later (currently en-route) when I get closer to SBGR, and that would render me back to square one.

I agree with your post btw😉

Right now I’m doing a long-haul flight on the 1st gen 12.9 iPad Pro from 2015 and I’ve been flying for over 10 hours with HUD view.

I haven’t been able to reproduce a crash yet, which complicates the matter.

Luckily, when a crash occurs, a report is sent automatically.
The devs are working on it and already were able to fix several issues with the hotfix.

Please bear with them while they are working on finding and fixing them all. It has top priority.

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