Game crashes

Device: Apple iPad
Operating system: 7th Generation
Hello, for anyone that doesn’t know me, I’m if.brazil but you can call me Josh. I’ve been in IF pilot since 2019 and I love flying, but someone needs to address this issue. Approximately 30 mins ago, I was flying from YSSY-OMAA along with some AAVA friends, and about 9 or so hours in, my game crashes. No point to restart the flight so I try to edit my first airport since I’m an IFAET member. 30 mins into editing it, my game crashes again, losing all my progress in editing the airport. I need to know why IF crashes so much and if there is going to be an update that truly fixes it, because each time there is an update that “fixes” the problem, it doesn’t seem to fix the problem at all, just makes it worse. I’ve done everything I could in my power to fix the problem on my own but it still continues to crash. Something has to give because it’s getting to a point where I lost my grade 4 status because of these continuous crashes. So can we please get an update that ACTUALLY fixes the main problem? That would be greatly appreciated.
IFAET editor, QVG pilot, EYV pilot and recruiter, GAF pilot, AAVA pilot, ACVA pilot, and AVVA pilot

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Well, I can’t speak to the issues with airport editing (I’m not a member of the AET), however I can hopefully help you out with the game crashes in-flight! I keep my graphics a bit lower, and I almost never crash even when I do 3+ flights a day. Another tool I use to prevent crashes is I regularly clear my scenery cache.

Just out of curiosity, what iOS does your iPad run?

this isn’t the iOS. That is which model iPad you have. If you go into your iPad general settings, and click “about” it will have the iOS version listed.

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