Game crashes

Since the using the new Expert Server, via BETA. Anybody have problems, during your flight, either on final, or start decent. Will there be a Hot fix? I’ve tried soft start, offload, then reload game. Can something be done.😀

What devices are you using and what edition and further information of your device???

I’m using iPad, 64GB had it about a year

Is the device from this year? Because some devices from the year 2015 can’t always handel Infinite Flight. What kind of ipad is it, ipad pro, ipad air etc. and from what year whas the edition? You can see that in settings.

I think iPad Air. Haven’t been any problems, only since new beta server.

Okay, I don’t have any problems with the server. I’m on a pretty old ipad edition. Ipad pro first edition, so it could be your device or it could be something in the server itself from Infinite Flight. Maybe take a better look at the server update thread.

Sorry, but from now on it is dificult for me to help you further.

I’ll persevere with it, thanks for your input. I know things take a while to iron out.

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Good luck. I hope you can play Infinite Flight without any crashes soon!

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I’m sure, I’ll have plenty of flights in the future.👍

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Enjoy them!

Hey, he’s experiencing game crashes not server issues, meaning this issue should not be reported in that thread as said by Cameron here as it is not related to the server:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these issues.

I would suggest following the instructions given here, mainly lowering your settings, and see if it helps: Performance | Infinite Flight

Since you’re using an iOS Device, the issue probably has something to do with this:

I’m sure the devs are working hard to find a fix (and hopefully it’ll be fixed soon), but you can still try the troubleshooting steps linked above to see if they help.

Thanks for the replies, and ideas. But when the game crashes. Is that not a disconnection problem?Started game, then crashes.

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Game crashes are not the same as a disconnection. Game crashes is when your game quits unexpectedly, but a disconnection is when you’re disconnected from the server (i.e. live server status on top right goes red) though your game is still running.

And as mentioned by Cameron earlier, all these game crashes don’t have a relation to the new server updates.

A disconnection is considered to be an issue for the multiplayer experience, while a game crash is not (the game crashes are not related to the server updates).

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