Game Crashes

I recently got a new phone and my game crashes a lot more frequently. I would’ve expected it not to crash, but the game crashes more than it did on my old phone.
Device: iPhone 14 Pro
Operating system: iOS 16.2

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Infinite Flight is aware of an increased crash rate on IOS. It might be your problem at hand: Regarding increased crash rate on iOS

If you’re experiencing game crashes in-flight, you can give this trick a try on your device: Settings → General → iPhone Storage → Infinite Flight → Offload App. This will free up storage from IF, but keep its data. After completing the steps, reinstall the app.

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Would you mind giving more details to when it normally crashes? Like does it crash when you first open the app, mid flight or something else

Hey there,

my game crashes midflight. The other day, it crashed midflight. Today, it crashed while on descent.

Ok, i’ll let you know if that works. thanks!

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well, it looks like my game crashed again. i hope IF fixes this soon

This is my issue as well. I’ve done offload multiple times and reinstall and still crashes at the beginning and also mid flight. I’ve stopped playing the game until it’s fixed. So much effort goes into flight prep, flight plans and and making the flight time work around my schedule, it’s just not worth it anymore with this issue happening

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Have you tried to clear the cache, for me when IF crashes clearing the cache works for me. You could try that.

yes this is so so real!!!

i think lowering my graphics helps. on my old device, i lowered my graphics and the game crashed significantly less

Yep I’ve done all of that including deleting all replays etc. I’m using top of the line devices 14pro max and iPad Pro mid 2021, internet is fast etc… it still crashes.

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