Game crashes

So I gave it a week and I’m still not able to fly.
The games crashes while I’m making a flight plan, sometimes it barely even loads before it crashed. And I’ll have to wait about 5mins minimum before I can open the game again because “my account is being used on another device” which means the games still sees me as logged in even tho it crashed.
Literally a week of this.

Please issue me a refund for this month.
It’s ridiculous.

Operating system:


Hello! I’m sorry to hear you’re having some problems. Would you mind providing your device and operating system so we can narrow down the possible issues. It is very likely that this could be device performance based or simply just an internal issue within Infinite Flight. Thanks!


How long did you have this issue? Some users have been experiencing a problem with Infinite Flight not loading for them, this is due to the new 22.8 update. If you haven’t already yet, try deleting and reinstalling the app and see if that works.

As already mentioned, providing your device and operating system will be helpful.

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