Game Crashes

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but my game stability lately has been terrible. In the past 8 flights I’ve done, 3 have ended with the game crashing on final. One has a 7 hour flight and the other 2 were barely 1 hour long. Infinite Flight really need to work on their game stability.


What are your graphic settings?

Same here mate everytime on Departure my game crashes!

Seems to be happen to me when there’s a lot of traffic around. App crashed after touchdown in LGA. I restarted both my iPad and the app and it crashed again when taxying out for departure at LGA in the new E175….

Would you mind giving us some more information?
Specifically device, device software version, graphics settings, whether or not you restart device before flights, etc.

Personally, I fly and control on an iPad gen 8 and an iPad Air gen 5, both on iPadOS 15.7, graphics settings on high for everything, anti-aliasing on, frame rate at 30 fps, and aircraft count on high for the iPad and very high for the iPad Air. Once at cruise, I turn graphics to low, and anti-aliasing off, brightness all the way down, and drone camera set to a blacked out part of the aircraft.
I restart my device prior to starting flights longer than 5-6 hours, and I’ve had the game crash only once or twice on me in almost three years of flying.

Perhaps trying my settings or restarting your device prior to flights may help

I have an iPad Air gen 5 as well, I’m on iPadOS 14.8, and I tend to use the same graphics settings that you use but I’ve tried it all on medium and it still crashed once. But I’ll try those tricks that you use and I’ll see what happens.

It just happened again. Another crash on final after a flight from EGLL to KLAX. i used low graphics for the most of the flight and it still crashed. This is really starting to irritate me. I never used to have this problem. Idk what the devs did the game, but they definitely hurt the stability.

Interesting because I’m currently using an Air 5 and have had no issues at all so far since I got it with settings all on high. I simply turn the brightness all the way down while in cruise and away from my device.

The difference is I am on iPadOS 15.7 whereas you are on 14.8.

Also this isn’t possible as the iPad Air 5th Gen launched with iPadOS 15.x, unless you somehow downgraded your software version.

well idk what to say. Never downgraded or updated the iPad.

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