Game crashes

Device: 6th generation ipad 9.7
Operating system: iOS 15.5

I’m just gonna write this here because this has happened several times and I’m getting pretty tired of it. Every time I land at Heathrow, in a 777, with everything set up, the sim just seems to crash on final, normally about 2 to 2.5nm from the runway. Just had it again with a Doha to London and I wanna know if there is anything I can do to stop it.

I flew Auckland to Doha earlier, and before that about a week ago Doha to Auckland. Both 17-18 hour ultra long hauls with no issues whatsoever; still flying in the morning, and no sim crash on final approach. I restart my device before every flight now, but for some reason it feels like runway 09 at Heathrow has a curse to make my game crash every. single. time. Help!


I had this before landing on final I have no idea but I don’t fly there try put your settings on low or Medium I did it before Auckland to Los Angeles
It worked like a Charm


Here are some steps you can do to help reduce graphical/performance hiccups on IF

  1. Lower your graphics settings to ease pressure on your device due to graphics
  2. If anti-aliasing is on, turn it off, because anti-aliasing puts extra strain on your device.
  3. Turn aircraft count to a lower setting if set to high if at a busy or big airport (Like Atlanta)
  4. Set all other graphics settings like texture, rendering to medium.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks, ive done most of it already like restarting before a flight and keeping graphics on low but it just seems to give up every time I land. I’ll try it and see how it goes though

Update: settings were all put to “low” and still another game fart. Hoping that setting live plane count to none, clearing scenery cache and updating software will stop. I don’t know how the heck it manages a 17 hour ultra long haul across half the world but gives up on a 7 hour flight from Abu Dhabi :/

I have the same I restart my iPad (iPad pro m1) every flight, but most of the time I’m praying the game don’t crash on final

okay big update: it seems i was able to actually land last night. The problem (I believe): software update. went to ipad settings, downloaded and installed ipados 15.6 and it all seems okay. Despite this seemingly good fix, I just about plucked up the courage to put graphics back to medium and set aircraft count back to ‘low’ :)

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